Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I'm back! This month will be a little erratic, with some traveling and some additional dental fun, but I'll try to keep up.

Speaking of travel, if you are planning on visiting the New York Maker Faire this month, say hi -- I'll be there, too!

This weekend, we all buckle down and get back to work, more or less, and the anniversary of Sept. 11th means a lot of somber events in the U.S.. But there are still strange happenings, such as Greeley, Colorado's Potato Day (which seems to have very little to do with potatoes), and over on the other side of the pond, the Black Pudding Throwing Championships, which seems to have everything to do with throwing black pudding at each other.

The Brits are also planning to destroy the planet with an artificial volcano, or, uh, something like that. (What could possibly go wrong?) And if you can't trust the future, now it turns out you can't totally trust the past, because there are fake fossils out there! The nerve!

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