Thursday, September 22, 2011

How many books do you think you'll read in your lifetime? "Not all that many" seems to be the answer. I agree the number seems low, especially if you've had to slog through several years of higher education.

However, here's one way the number might increase: Books on Kindles are now available throughout 11,000 public libraries in the U.S., according to the press release by Amazon. I suppose I should start embracing electronic books, shouldn't I?

(Incidentally, here's a look at the darker side of Amazon. Sheesh, Amazon, turn on the A/C. I think you can afford it.)

"Reading books" is not a reason given in this study about how the women of Generation X are not having many (or any) kids. Man, we're always doing something wrong. It is rough being part of a small, cynical generation, let me tell you. At least our pop culture is awesome.

Links from others tomorrow! See you then.

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