Thursday, September 29, 2011

After last night's amazing baseball developments (which were very nearly statistically impossible), it's time for the postseason. The Associated Press has a style guide for those writing about the World Series!

The Fake AP stylebook on Twitter is hilarious. Now they've come up with a sidekick: Fake Pew Research. My favorite so far: "4% of Frankensteins think fire is pretty OK."

The OED is turning 100, and you can read it online for free this week! Hurry and be educated, enlightened, and illuminated!

Also online for free: the Dead Sea Scrolls, digitized and available. Wow.

The Bodleian Library is showing off some of its hidden treasures, and asking the public which items should go into its permanent display collection.

I'm considering taking this route when explaining why we don't have [insert title here] in the library anymore. Fellow librarians understand. (Photo of the Maine State Library, from Jessamyn.)

Tomorrow: is Friday! And links from others.

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