Thursday, September 08, 2011

We are going to start with the depressing stuff today and work our way up to optimism by the end of the post. Ready? Here we go!

Bill Lucey features a multitude of information (including many links) about September 11, 2001. Incidentally, you can see how clueless I was on that day, at least at first.

A Pulitzer-winning photojournalist, faced with laying off staff, chooses to resign instead.

TinEye is a "reverse image search" so you can find out just who took that photo/designed that logo.

JSTOR is making older journal content (as in 1923 and earlier) available for free!

Thinking about names? Thinking about literary connotations? Flavorwire has you covered.

I wish there were photos to go along with this profile of a librarian breaking the fashion stereotypes of the profession, but we'll just have to imagine how fabulous the looks are.

Finally, here's a brief story. Lawyer puts up ads all over town. Facebook page making fun of the ads appears. Page quickly grows in popularity. Lawyer learns of Facebook page. In a surprise twist ending, the lawyer not only finds the page hilarious, he's going to throw a party in town to celebrate! Everyone wins! (Take note, people. This is a great life lesson.)

Tomorrow: links from others, so stop back.

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