Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hey, good news! The Steampunk Tree House has found a permanent home at a brewery in Delaware!

The Adventures of the League of Steam have put out a "Fright Before Christmas" episode to celebrate the season. If you're still looking for steampunky gift ideas, there are all sorts of things out there this year, from books to ice cube trays!

There is also (a very limited amount of) time to get excited and make things. For inspiration, I recommend watching the pneumatic system at the New York Public Library, but that might just be me. Happy holidays to all!

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Emily Lloyd said...

Dogfishhead (brewery, soon to be home of treehouse) is great--the owner, Sam Caligione, runs a poetry chapbook contest every year where the winner gets $200, publication of the chapbook, & two cases of beer! (I won in 2004)