Wednesday, December 23, 2009

As the end of the year approaches, the weblog abandons the themed days and offers up a mishmash of links. Whee! (We'll get back on track in 2010.)

Make your own Star Wars Lego figure! I made a steampunk-looking Leia. If you're into the combo of LEGO and Star Wars (and who isn't?), you should also check out the amazing photography of Avanaut. (Bonus Indiana Jones shots, too!)

Zazoo sent in this photo essay on the impromptu snowball fight that took place in Times Square over the weekend. Good stuff.

How well do you know your Christmas myths and history? There's a quiz, of course.

The NORAD Santa tracker is using Google Earth again this year, and is also featuring a countdown and all sorts of extras.

A minister in North Yorkshire advised a congregation to shoplift this season. Well, sort of.

Lastly: a lot of people land on this site via a search for info on Franz Reichelt, the unfortunate would-be flyer who plummeted to his death about a hundred years ago. (A Folderol entry long ago linked to the grainy footage of his adventure.) Now, with modern "wingsuits," it looks as if Franz's dream might finally become reality. Wow.

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Anonymous said...

I am an UTTER failure (in more ways than one), I only answered two Christmas quiz questions correctly. It was fun, though.


It’s a slow day here in libraryland, so, I must share a funny Christmas story with you.

Ok, in first grade, I became aware of the slight odor of lies wafting from Santa’s Christmas stockings (like smelly odors from stinky socks). My antenna sensed contradiction.

We were gathering toys for “those less fortunate.” I thought, “Hmmm…if Santa is real, why do I need to gives toys I want to “those less fortunate”?” “Why wouldn’t Santa take care of “those less fortunate”?” Was he mean? Or careless? Or, were those “less fortunate,” so “less fortunate” they could not afford paper and pencils to write letters to him? If that were true, I could pout and cry all I wanted, because he could not see all. He DID NOT know when I was sleeping or know when I was awake. He had absolutely no idea if I’d been bad or good, even though the song claimed otherwise.

So, did he not exist? If he did, was he a bumbling gifter who claimed to have more powers than he truly possessed. These questions vexed me.

I asked a friend, a fourth grader. She explained, “Santa is not real. “ I simmered. I stewed. I had been duped, even by my DAD.

Fast forward a few weeks:
My mom was talking on the telephone discussing Christmas with her sister. Her sister asked if I believed in Santa. Asking her sister to hold, my mom dangled and swung the phone by its cord, ignoring its fragility. She asked, “Hey, come here, your aunt wants to know if you believe in Santa.” I stared her SQUARELY in the face and answered, “Yep, because I know my mom would NEVER, EVER lie to me.”

My mom cackled. Seriously, man, she cackled. The laughter threatened to break her apart. She held her gut, my answer was HIL-AR-IOUS! Which made me even angrier! She laughed, “no, don’t leave, wait… wait, tell your aunt what you just told me.” She shoved the phone in my face.
I did. They laughed. I learned. Never trust your parents and never use the phrase “less fortunate” -- it’s condescending tone sickens me to this day!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Again, Jinnet, thank you for giving those who love you a forum!!!!!