Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday, hooray!

From Zazoo: the top 15 stories of 2009, as picked by CNN. That balloon boy story got a lot of press, didn't it?

Also from Zazoo: AntiPop Fashion 1984! My people! (Well, I wanted to be one of these people. I was a little too young and a little too rural and a little too poor to be part of this in 1984.)

From Cassandra: the worst album covers of 2009. Hey, I like that Patrick Wolf cover. The bird on the head one, though, not so much.

Also from Cassandra: the Poe calendar, ending soon!

From Julie: the octopi are getting smart and starting to make tools and shelter. Be afraid, and start reading your Lovecraft. Possibly related, and also from Julie, is the potential discovery of dark matter. Whoa.

Lastly, from Julie: a Dickens-owned toothpick sells for over $9,000. Scrooge would be so proud. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Have a spiffy and safe weekend, everyone. See you Monday.

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