Friday, December 04, 2009

Happy Friday, everyone!

From Julie: Pompeii joins Google Street View! (I now always think of the (recent) Doctor Who episode when Pompeii is mentioned.)

From Cassandra: Hey, did you know that truth has a gender? Sheesh.

From Zazoo: "An homage to the typeface Neutraface to the tune of Poker Face, with a bunch of geeky, bearded designers." This is brilliant.

From Josie: Amanda Palmer sings to the people of New York City. Fun was had by all!

As seen on Dawnowar: The evolution of the hipster throughout the decade. Yep, that's it, pretty much.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.

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Anonymous said...

RE: The female sex on the witness stand


"Women, of all types of witness, show the widest range of personality traits while on the stand, because they are usually much more emotional than men, and less inclined to observe and to relate occurrences on the basis of intellectual impressions alone. Paradoxically, most women are less inclined to exaggerate than are certain types of men, and are much more observant of minute details than are most men. As a rule, it can generally be said that women do not make strong witnesses on questions involving technical or factual matters, but make excellent witnesses on those matters involving close observation."

is thoroughly demoralizing.

So, researchers are always trying to figure out why there are not more woman in the sciences and maths. The sciences and maths need highly intelligent people. Highly intelligent people are supposed to be hypersensitive. Highly intelligent/hypersensitive woman, most likely, can pick up the negative vibes - like the above quote - aimed in their direction from their male peers. Maybe.

I'm surprised women find the wherewithal to get out of bed every morning.

Can I get a witness? Probably not, as I am just being a typical woman, excessively emotional due to my overly "observant of minute details" nature. Jesus Christ, it will never get better.