Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hey, did you know that Thomas Edison would have been 160 this weekend? You can go to Louisville and help them celebrate. They're even going to have a lighbulb cake!

More UFO news from the Graveworm: lights in the sky have been spotted in the US and in England. Coincidence? Miltary maneuvers? Signs of an imminent apocalypse?

Yet another reason to visit the Museum of Elsewhere in Switzerland, which looks absolutely amazing: they're going to have a Lovecraft exhibit later this year. Monster Brains has all the details.

If you're spooky and like coffins, you will definitely appreciate the Colourful Coffins.

And finally, a world map website that's expansive, fascinating, and has a punny name: The World Processor.


Anonymous said...

Grrrr, when will these people learn? Edison did not invent the lightbulb. That was Joseph Swan of Newcastle upon Tyne in England. Edison certainly helped perfect the filament but he certainly didn't invent the bulb. (I have heard that there is an a claimant earlier than Swan though I know no details)

Anonymous said...