Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Attention, Earthlings! Emo is dangerous! Spread the word! (Yes, they're serious. This is hilarious. At least when we were young and gothy, we looked a little sinister.)

The big news in the spooky/spiritual world this week is the possible ossuary of Jesus and his family. More books and movies are sure to follow, don't you think?

If you're not busy debating the life of Jesus or defending your family from emo, there's dogsled racing going on in Maine this weekend, as well as the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt in San Francisco. And it's not too late to prepare for SXSW coming up in Austin. Or you can rate the world's subways yourself through first-hand experience. (I've only been on two of the listed subways...but they're the top two! Woohoo!)


Darren Chase said...

A Timely report. Not only is Emo dangerous, science has recently proven that teenagers are viruses.

Anonymous said...

Does letting my Emo cat scratch me count for any points?

What a stupid clip. LOL