Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Huzzah, a woman has won the Turing Award for the first time!

Can your irises tell scientists about your personality? Cassandra and I went to an "iris reader" once. It was...interesting.

Kids + technology = a lack of boundaries and privacy. At least, that's what some people are saying. (I fully admit that I would have been one of those tortured teens posting angsty poetry, if the internet had been around during that time. Thank God it wasn't.)

Bad science news (the ice caps are melting) sometimes has a silver lining (new species discovered, including a psychedelic octopus!).

Myth busted: a lit cigarette doesn't automatically lead to a gasoline-soaked object going up in a giant fireball. Action films are ignoring this discovery.

And finally, the great geek boutique of Fractal Spin has some neato keen objects.

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Bill Herald said...

I think we should read irises for a living. What a hack she was! I am SO not hypersensitive.

She told me I did not even realize how sensitive I am. My question is this, how can someone NOT realize how sensitive she is? Sheesh.