Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Here's a current webcam shot. Looks like a black & white photo, doesn't it? We are currently experiencing sleet/ice/rain/snow outside, depending on where you're standing. It's pretty deserted outside, even downtown. Good times. You know what would totally brighten up this sort of day, though? A super-cute Japanese snowplow that chomps up the snow and turns it into snowblocks! They need to get this over to the States right quick.

If you're stuck inside, however, you can entertain yourself with the Speak & Spell Emulator, or the Stardoll site which lets you dress dozens of celebrities however you want (I put Kylie Minogue in a few outfits, but I think she has better fashion sense than I do), or test your hearing by clicking on the little ASCII cat and listening to increasingly higher pitches. Those early ear infections and subsequent loud clubs and concerts must have really done a number on my hearing; I could only hear up to 12,000 Hz. (On the bright side, I won't be bothered by any "teenager repellent" sound warfare, at least...)

Speaking of superhearing...look, we have a bionic woman! Well, a woman with a bionic arm, at least. It's the beginning of the future, I tells ya. Until we all get robotic parts, you can satisfy your mechanical tendencies with robot Valentine's Day cards. "Be mine, lust object" is my favorite.

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