Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You know, I had such high hopes for Coca-Cola Blak. But I got some over the weekend, and we tried it last night, and dear god, it's terrible. It tastes a little like strong cold tea mixed with flat ginger ale, only worse. Consider this a public service announcement.

Now toaster helmets, on the other hand, seem like a nice, rational concept...

If you liked the periodic table table from the other week, you will probably also like this assortment of periodic table displays and installations, which use all sorts of materials. Who knew science could be so artistic?

If you're into a less pricey sort of science, you could make your own Peeps. Happy Easter!

First there were yuppies; now, evidently, there are Grups. I think I may be a Grup, actually. What really scares me is that I don't think this is an entirely bad thing to be. Eeeep! I'm being labeled, and I don't mind!

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Anonymous said...

FRom the GRUPS article:
"Sorry, son. No more Thomas the Tank Engine for you. Thomas sucks. Stop crying. Daddy’s helping you develop an aesthetic. Now Daddy’s going to go put on some thunder music."

I can so hear us saying that to a kid...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to "clog the blog" (you can ask for that in most Amsterdam brothels btw) but I love the link to the periodic table displays etc.

Best line ever regarding displays:

DS 110 = Darmstadtium

"This unavailable element is represented by a radiation hazard symbol. If we had a visible quantity on display here, you would be dead."


Anonymous said...

Crap, I thought Blak would be good :(

Dawn said...

Thanks for the Grups article :)

I have always claimed problems acting my age. Good to know it's a phenomenon and not just me.