Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Breaking news from the Graveworm: actual Templar graves have been discovered!

Was H.P. Lovecraft influenced by Aleister Crowley in referencing the Necronomicon? Could it be a real book? Probably not, but it's fun to speculate.

When you die, where does your online presence go? MyDeathSpace is like the obits for the younger set, in a weird sort of way.

In less morbid happenings, the age-old problem of disorientation when coming out of a subway station has a solution: compass graffiti! Someone's already taken the idea and run with it, it seems.

On a larger scale, Desktop Earth acts both as wallpaper and general here-and-now locator, in real time, no less.

Random exciting discovery of the day (not including Templars): Thomas Dolby has a weblog! This is awesome! And he looks awesome these days, too!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Knights Templar. I hope they start releasing information soon!