Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It was twenty years ago that Chernobyl became known worldwide. Recent photos are still heartbreaking. The wildlife is taking over, however, and is actually thriving.

On a more cheerful (?) note, it's also Pretzel Day. Feel free to send some to Washington!

An Ecuadorean shaman is in Germany to perform spirit-banishing rituals before the World Cup. Sadly, he has no hooligan-banishing rituals in his repetoire.

Time Magazine profiled the spooky Opus Dei, and de-spookified it a bit. Members really do wear that ring of spikes around their legs, though. Eeep.

Remember the Kryptos sculpture by CIA headquarters which was confounding the code-breakers? Well, er, the sculptor may have made a slight mistake. Oops.

Lastly, for people who are not all that interested in spooky or strange things and just want to get outside and walk around: Shakespeare's Way is a brand new trek of 146 miles which takes you past various important places in the playwright's life. You could even recite all the sonnets as you walk.

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