Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well, so much for updating yesterday. The combination of new work duties, covering for another librarian who's on vacation, and fighting off the creeping crud that tried to infect everyone at Cinema Wasteland resulted in a distinct lack of time to do anything else productive!

Anyway. A leftover Wednesday link: Mothman is getting his(its?) own museum in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. I think we need to make an expedition out there sometime.

And on to Thursday links, where we are celebrating National Library Week. Go hug a librarian!

Suffering from information overload? Me too. But fear not, there's a cure.

The always-great Library Underground has created its own Flickr pool. Radical subversive snarky librarians, unite! And take pictures while you're at it!

I forgot to mention Daylight Savings time up there in the list, but that's been difficult, too. And now I see that next year we're going to start it in March? Agh! (Found via LII; go support them!)

In the UK, they're concerned that people aren't visiting libraries enough. So they've started the Love Libraries initiative. Hey, whatever works.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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