Monday, December 19, 2005

Meta announcement! I leave for Massachusetts on Wednesday and will be back next week. Folderol will be going on all next week, but will be spotty until then. So today we have a mishmash of Monday links and links that have been waiting patiently in folders for who knows how long. Onward!

First off: Happy birthday, Mom! See you tomorrow!

If you've ever wondered what toys do when no one else is around, here's one answer. Playmobil figures perform AC/DC's "The Girls Got Rhythm."

A Dartmouth student got an unexpected visit from the FBI after asking for Mao's Little Red Book via interlibrary loan. This is why the Radical Militant Librarians are ever vigilant, you see. We're fighting the good fight here. I'm seriously considering making some stickers of my own.

Swiped from the Secret Library Workers Union: get ABOLized at Automata Design. Wowzers.

Getty puts out Edit Magazine for all those interested in working with images. Good stuff.

Long ago, the PostMod crew debated whether geeks or nerds were more evolved. The Graveworm just pointed me to a site which seeks to answer this age-old question. I think someone needs to stick up for the geeks, myself; I've always identified more with them than with nerds.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch, that nerd-geek link hit a little too close to home!

Geeks are more evolved (even though I am more nerdish than geekian based on the aforementioned article)! (brownie points from the geeks, please!)

Make it so, number one!