Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lately there's been a brouhaha in the library world about Wikipedia and its accuracy (or lack thereof), which has raised some interesting questions. It's also pointed me to the Uncyclopedia, which is just plain hilarious.

Search engine news: GoodSearch donates money to charities every time you search the web, which is great for library types who do approximately 4598 searches every day. Also, the Xooglers weblog is authored by ex-Google employees, so there's some Google analysis, some background stories, and only a smidgen of bitterness to be found.

I cannot wait for ArchiveGrid to make its debut next year. Genealogists, get ready!

The DaVinci Institute has futurists on staff. How cool is that? One of them writes about the future of libraries, which sounds promising from his viewpoint.

Here's something I think we could use over at MCT for movie reviews: Structured Blogging, a way to write reviews with stars, asterisks, or whatever else you want to use.

And lastly, if you haven't gotten your holiday cards yet, consider the San Francisco Gate's downloadable card images. The 2004 ones are particularly good!

Tomorrow: links from others, weather permitting. (We are under a HEAVY SNOW WARNING, which means 3-6 inches. We tend to panic here in southern Ohio. I don't really know why; it snows every year.)

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