Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Glenna sent me the "What Animal Are You?" quiz and it's been a hot topic here at Spooky Librarian HQ. I am a bat (shocking, I know) and Bunny is a wild dog. The descriptions are rather eerily accurate. Take it and post your results!

If you wanted to know what Aeon Flux was all about, wonder no more. Now you don't have to see the movie in order to sound knowledgable (and, judging from the reviews, seeing the movie wouldn't help anyway).

The Sesame Encyclopedia is comprehensive and pretty and FUN. I miss Roosevelt Franklin!

The oddly named Klong is a sort of creature-esque security blanket substitute for kids, evidently. I think it looks frighteningly like a face-hugger alien, myself. Eeeep.

Johnny Five is alive! Well, he is on the internet, at any rate. I wonder if Ally Sheedy knows about this site.

'Tis the season to acquire, but why not consider Discardia this year instead?


Anonymous said...

Liquid Television was da bomb! Damn I miss it.

I was (and rightly so) utterly disappointed when I heard about the live "action" film version of Aeon Flux. Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!

Anonymous said...

So this "KLONG" stuff is seriously disturbing... did you see the media ad on their page (if not, click on it)?
Nothing like a haunted 8 year old and a wizzened 80 year old telling us why they love that mutant toy....
When you're 80 and refer to a stuffed animal as your best friend it goes from being "young at heart" to being "a tragedy" and then they put you in the nursing home... *wink*