Wednesday, December 07, 2005

First off: the Reds trade Sean Casey to Pittsburgh in exchange for an okay left-handed pitcher. The hell? No one seems too happy or enthused about this, in either city. Argh.

Anyway. On to the regularly scheduled links...

This is not a real great week in history. Today's the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombings, tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death, and on Friday the iconic double-decker buses of London will disappear. Routemasters will be replaced with regular boring-looking buses, more's the pity. (A nice tribute to the buses, complete with photos and music, is online as well.)

In 31 years a meterorite is going to hit Earth and we're all going to die! Well, maybe.

An archaeologist may have discovered King David's palace in Jerusalem. The find is causing all sorts of controversy among scientists and scholars.

Fun and strange activities: you can now ski in Dubai (really! or ice skate!) or, if you're in Philadelphia, you can see the latest amazing installation by ArtLumiere, a company which turns buildings into stunning works of art, if only temporarily.

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