Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Okay, today we have Tuesday links to make up for yesterday's Wednesday links. Got it? Before that, however, we have some local news. I saw the photos of a goat on a trampoline last week when it ran on the front page here, but now Deadspin has got hold of it and is pointing out the "goat poll" and accompanying hilarious comments. (The best part is that the goat-on-a-trampoline angle isn't even the focus of the original story. Do goats normally cavort on their hind legs on trampolines?)

If you like goats on trampolines, you will probably love sheep playing volleyball. The site's in German, as it's for Mentos, but it's pretty easy to figure out.

Fun with Flash: you can decorate a cake with gel and sprinkles on one site, or create a space robot at another. I think my SpookyBot would make a perfect explorer.

There's now a root beer-flavored energy drink. I'm having a hard time envisioning this. BrightFeet Slippers, on the other hand, I can imagine easily. As long as you don't run into any obstacles above ankle level, they should work perfectly!

And finally, for something completely different: Puppet101 shows you how puppet magic is made.

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Anonymous said...

Puppets101 is the real deal...lots of the advice they give is industry info and could be very handy to aspiring puppetmasters.

BTW, where is this here "spookybot"? Did you save a pic?