Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Today is one big crazy travel day for most Americans. Yeehaw. Therefore...

You can play Airport Insecurity if you have a mobile phone or a Palm or some such gadget, and unnerve suspicious fellow travelers. Or, if your travels involve subways instead of airports, there's Subway Scramble for the downloading.

In olden days, travel was more fun. Or, at least, they tried harder to make it seem fun.

If you'd like a surreal t-shirt to wear on the plane or train or at the family dinner table, try the Hipster T-Shirt Generator. I ended up with the phrase "I like spines" below a picture of a house. Bonus points if you can figure out a meaning to the shirt and explain it to others successfully!

And when you just want to imagine that you're somewhere else, there's PyramidCam and an interactive map of Narnia. Good luck, happy Thanksgiving, and I'll see you Monday!

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