Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Today: spooky tech. The exception is the Lego 3D Designer, which lets you create anything you want and then order the bricks to make your design a reality. This is not to say that you couldn't create something spooky, of course...

I think the new Olympic mascots are kind of spooky, myself. I also think the Chinese have a lot of nerve including a Tibetan antelope in the mix, seeing as how they are not exactly great protectors of all things Tibet. Grrr.

You can pretend to battle the mascots, or anyone else you want, courtesy of the Surrealist monster battle. According to the surrealists, my monster is an armored blob. Er.

In a great parody of a Chick tract, the Cthulhu witnesses convince the nonbelievers that yes, you do want to be among the first to die. Lovecraft would be so proud.

The Graveworm beat me to posting this, but this study of the effectiveness of tin foil helmets should be widely disseminated, I believe.

Forbes is giving you an opportunity to email your future self. Yes, really! Remind yourself of what 2005 was like. You'll either cry or laugh about it twenty years from now.

Alternatively, you could go all Back to the Future-esque and email yourself plans to build a flying saucer. The flux capacitor plans are optional.

In London, you can dine at the Cafe in the Crypt at St. Martin's. How cool is that? Over on this side of the pond, the secrets of the Haunted Mansion are online for the brave and/or the inquisitive.


Anonymous said...

"Bunny is a Human-Sized Bee that has Tough Leathery Skin and a Swirly Hypnotic Gaze, is Radioactive, and lives beneath New York."

I also seem to only win battles requiring speed....

How lame....


Anonymous said...

The tin foil helmet thing made me laugh til I cried. The Centurion!!