Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We start today with a PSA: If you want to see an astronaut singing “Space Oddity” while orbiting the planet, today is your last chance – they had permission to keep the video up for a year and it ends at midnight tonight. (Psst, David Bowie – seems like you should be able to pull some strings on this one?)

Yesterday I mentioned practical utopianism. Turns out Gizmodo had an entire “Utopia Week” last month and I missed it, but fortunately I now get to read all the posts at once!

Gizmodo is also working with others on the “Home of the Future” exhibit which debuts at NYCxDESIGN this weekend. The whole event looks amazing – see it if you can. Moleskine is there as well, encouraging urban sketches with new notebooks.

And now, for no reason other than its awesomeness, here is the story behind the Victorian-age inventor of the wheelie.

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