Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Friday!

From Julie: Could you win the Longitude Prize? It’s possible, if you have a genius idea!

David Malki! has a new tumblr, devoted to his Roll-A-Sketches, and unless a samurai elephant helicopter sheep is just another boring everyday occurrence in your world, you need to go look. (Also, if that’s normal in your world, let me know where you live. I might like to move there.)

From Zazoo: A cat meets a newborn human for the first time. The cat is not terribly impressed.

If you like kittens, there’s a live cam in Brooklyn featuring four very cute ones right now!

Meowbox ships surprise packages to cats. Bark Boxes ships surprise packages to dogs. Even pets need nice surprises every now and then.

Have a spiffy holiday weekend! See you next week.

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