Monday, May 19, 2014

Google’s Doodle today is an interactive Rubik’s Cube. Good luck getting stuff done today. (In related news, I am just as bad with Rubik’s Cube now as I was in 1980.)

There’s an ongoing argument about hipsters at SpookyLibrarians HQ: Bunny doesn’t like them, while I think they’re pretty entertaining. I do have to admit that Vinyl Me, Please, which combines the delivery of vinyl records with cocktail recipes, is a bit painful in its hipsterness. (On the other hand, music and alcohol never go out of style.)

Margaret Atwood has ideas about our robot future. People should listen to her.

Few people know the name Hildreth Meière, and that’s a shame, because she was an amazing Art Deco artist – look at Radio City Music Hall for an example. Happily, there’s a new book out detailing her incredible work.

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