Thursday, April 05, 2012

A recent Wall Street Journal article on Susan Sarandon reported that “in the futuristic drama "Robot & Frank," with Frank Langella, she plays an alluring librarian whose job is about to be taken over by automatons.” Sounds…intriguing?

The Dewey Donation System campaign is going on right now! Support some libraries which desperately need help.

NYU lists their top 100 journalists of the past 100 years (in the United States). Debate will ensue.

For my fellow language geeks: what’s your view of diagramming sentences? If spelling is more your thing, try a version of UNC’s journalism spelling test. It apparently goes on endlessly; I answered 140 questions. (I got 131 right and discovered that my spelling is becoming increasingly Britishized. I blame the interwebs.)


Anonymous said...

I won my 5th grade spelling bee, but learning French in college and using spell check in life zapped that ability. I will admit to my love of diagramming sentences though. Why does that make one geekish? I'm a nerd, not a geek. teehee

I am addicted to two outdated rules, burying my transitions and balancing my sentences. Editors HATE that. Would chaos really ensue if we followed our own rules? Really? I think people would get the gist, don't you? : )

Anonymous said...

Increasingly Britishized? Well, it is English (of sorts) spoken & written in the states so that need be so surprise.

Anne in Cambridge ... still considering the Oxford comma.