Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th! This week also marks the 12th anniversary of Folderol, which is ridiculous and crazy and wonderful. Thanks to everyone who has read, commented, and supported this little weblog and its goofy author over the last dozen years!

How much longer are you going to live? According to this lifespan predictor, sent by Cassandra, we are both going to be feisty old women. (I’m not even halfway through my lifespan, according to this!)

On the other end of the lifespan, courtesy of Holly, are two artists who are sisters and make art which reminds me of A. A. Milne’s stories.

From Julie: Over one million ancient texts are going to be digitized by libraries!

From Bunny: the fan-created Han Solo Adventures (in progress), the plans for a life-sized Starship Enterprise in Vegas (sadly abandoned), and what may be the most amazing video I’ve seen in a long time. All one shot, no special effects, just this dancer who can do amazing things. Have a spiffy weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...


I am convinced you are messing with your gentle readers! Did we, or did we not, JUST celebrate your daughter Folderol's 11 birthday! Did we, or did we not, just have a welcome to womanhood party for her? Seriously.

Wherever does the time march off to?

I say this every year, but I hope you can hear the tinkling of celebratory glasses as we wish your blog a long and healthy life.

Sparkle Queen said...

Twelve years of Folderol?! I mean, I know time slips away when one is on the interwebs, but still. Congratulations on your part in time flying and fun-having.

Anonymous said...

12 years? ah, that is nothing considering the life span that handy url you posted shows to be awaiting you. You have many more years of posting interesting, amusing items for us. Many thanks for all the interests you have brought to me.

Anne in Cambridge (the U.K. one)