Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It’s a week of religious observances – Easter, Passover, even the birthday of the Buddha – but there are some alternatives as well.

For example, you could watch people carry huge amounts of coal over long distances. (This is in England, where they seem to have a thing for carrying/chasing stuff over hills and valleys.) In Boston, it’s time for the Penny Arcade Expo (aka PAX), a convention devoted entirely to gaming! (This is in America, where we like to sit and mash buttons maniacally.)

In Florence, meanwhile, you can witness the Bursting of the Cart (also known as the Explosion of the Cart), in which a cart is annihilated in an elaborate ritual. It’s a little religious in that it’s linked to the Easter celebrations, but hey.

Also, you can run the Dead Sea Marathon this weekend, although it sounds pretty brutal.

And finally, if your religion tends toward the Whovian, Bunny has sent in a video depicting the events of the Eleventh Doctor via RPG.

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