Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I’m a little late, but it’s the season of Halloween, so get thee to Countdown to Halloween and the Halloween Forum! The latter provides endless resources for decorating and entertaining (and scaring); the former is a group project which is spooky, stellar, and serves as an introduction to many great sites. I just discovered Redecorating Middle-Earth in Early Lovecraft and am loving it.

Also discovered: the genre of quilts made from grave rubbings. Wow, I had no idea.

If you are not into the spooky stuff, consider the Woolly Worm festival this weekend, in which caterpillars will predict the winter! Maybe.

Also, the steampunk giveaway has begun; the first one up for grabs is George Mann’s Ghosts of War.

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Anonymous said...

Halloween recommendations:

If you like grave rubbings, watch Let's Scare Jessica To Death.

If you would like to screen a blood bath fest that has your husband's name smeared all over it, watch Hobo with a Shotgun:

Best movie ever! Well, ok not ever, but very good!