Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween is almost upon us, hooray! Here are some bonus spooky links sent in by others to start today’s post.

Bunny provides some costume ideas. I’m thinking I might be able to pull off the Virginia Woolf concept.

Cassandra sends in a helpful flowchart to determine if you’re dating a vampire. Hey, it’s good to know these things.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, makers of spooky-themed perfumes, has a new line based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s classic Good Omens.

This weekend, you can go to Ice Age Archaeology Day in Seattle, or see the Hooker Day parade in Hartford! (Actual ice ages and/or hookers will not be far as I know, at least.)

Oh, and the world's also supposed to end on Friday. I would say something snarky, but as the world news is increasingly chaotic and people seem to be dying unexpectedly at a rapid rate over the past month or so,  we shall just hunker down and hope for the best. Right?

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Anonymous said...

RE: Doomsday Friday

I will be hoping for the best, but I wonder if our hopes are the same. teehee