Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are you participating in our fall book giveaway? You should be! More books are on the way; you can enter for one or all of them.

David Malki! is having a contest, too – be classy, take a photo of yourself, and join the fun! (Actual cash prizes, too!)

For the super classy steampunk type, consider this incredible music box crafted by Swiss watchmakers. It’s beautiful, plays 19th century music, and is insanely expensive.

No money is needed to enjoy Slate’s series on this treasure trove of photos and report cards from the Manhattan Trade School for Girls, curated by Paul Lukas (you may recognize the name from Uni Watch, another great website). If Slate’s page gives you problems, there’s now a website for the project, too.

My other half (aka the voice of Sir Reginald) contributed two great links today – one looks at the diseases of the beloved computer game Oregon Trail, the other is a video of the future as it may be, with the help of magnets. (Levitation! It’s not that far away!)

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