Monday, August 08, 2011

We are back from GenCon! My photos won't do it justice, so I refer you to the Flickr gallery. It was great fun. (Note the little girl dressed as a Dalek!)

As we get caught up, here's a roundup of links from others...

From Bunny: stories of antimatter, slightly creepy "robot babies," a possible Hello Kitty-themed Street Fighter game, and a short video of a cat totally freaking out.

From Cassandra, news of Mexico's increasingly terrifying situation.

From Julie: new discoveries about all kinds of things -- "Peter the Wild Boy," lost Hitchcock footage, and possible "bubble universes." Wow!

From Zazoo: Crop circles are evidently the fault of drugged wallabies. No, really!

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Bill Herald said...

Robot babies: Pinocchio? Blade Runner? Conditioning humans for (some say alarming, I say comforting) decreasing fertility rates? Sending programmed fussy babes home with highschoolers to discourage teen pregnancy?
Companions for demented nursing home patients? Playmates for children with disabilities? I wonder why?