Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Attention, New Yorkers: there is an awesome kitten up for adoption who would fit in perfectly in a neo-Victorian household; imagine the one on the left in this photo with a tiny top hat if it helps. (Kitten adoptions happen often in this neck of the woods; check them out if you're interested!)

Many thanks to Vicente for sending a link to Smog 1888, which is dense (like actual smog!) and fascinating (unlike actual smog!).

Thanks also to Zazoo, who sent a link to this amazing New York City apartment. This is almost as good as the previous apartment he sent; the previous apartment wins because, well, it's also Batgirl's apartment, see.

In other comics news, are you reading Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant? The first 50 pages are available free!

Although I am tempted to try this salt water and electricity method of etching, I think I'm a bit too danger-prone to attempt it. But I encourage other, braver, stronger souls to have at it.

A Steampunk Sesame Street? A Steampunk Sanrio? Yes, all that and more!

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