Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Londoners (and those near London), stay safe. The West Londoner is doing an excellent job of keeping tabs on the situation. (My city went through a minor version of this ten years ago, and it is no fun at all.)

This weekend brings the annual Time Travelers Picnic (or maybe it's more than annual, depending on the traveler...) on Governors Island. You can RSVP on Facebook if you like!

How to Be a Retronaut has a gorgeously detailed post on the mapping of Africa, which should appeal to all the explorers.

This equally gorgeous tool chest of a 19th-century piano maker should appeal to everyone aesthetically, but especially those of us with a steampunky bent.

Joseph Drust makes steam minions! Of all kinds!

And here's some happy news: we're going to have another book giveaway soon as a back-to-school event; look for copies of The Rift Walker and Ghosts of War among the offerings. Stay tuned.

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