Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello! The book review and giveaway got pushed back a bit; it looks as if we may be doing several of them in April, so get ready to enter many contests!

I found a wonderful instance of steampunk influencing modern design; Adaptive Path discusses a "steampunk" design for cell phones in rural India as a more intuitive concept. This is really fascinating stuff.

The Victoria & Albert Museum opens an exhibit this weekend titled "The Cult of Beauty: the Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900" which looks fantastic. Many thanks to Cassandra for sending this to me!

True Victorian-era science in action: Professor Angelo Sismonda was an Italian geologist who designed a "prospecting kit" to take on expeditions. It looks like one of the vampire hunting kits you see these days, but it's authentic and amazing.

Attention, Coilhouse readers: they're running a special right now where you can purchase back issues in PDF.

Attention, pirate fans: consider this as a bedroom design for your child. (Wow.)

And finally, for those of us who are H.G. Wells fans, David Lodge writes about his "bio-fiction" novel describing the wildly varied life of the writer.

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