Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP, Liz.

Even though snow is still in the forecast, the festival schedule for spring has begun! Here's a quick whirlwind tour.

In England, the Oxford and Cambridge boat race occurs this weekend, as does the World Pooh Sticks Championships. Go to both if you can!

Meanwhile, on the continent, it is apparently European Gay Ski Week. So you can still pretend it's winter.

In the United States, cherry blossoms and kites fill the air in both Nashville and Washington DC this weekend. (Not sure if there will be kites in Nashville, actually. Bring one and start a trend.) Going up the east coast,  it's Maine Maple Sunday, yum.

Farther north, Quebec finally gets around to celebrating St. Patrick's Day this weekend.

And finally, it's only six months or so till Halloween, so why not go to Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis? If you peruse the guest lists, you may see some familiar faces. (Joan even got her own little square!) Stop by and say hi to Meet Cleaver Theatre!

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