Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Remember last year when we reviewed Mark Hodder's book, Burton & Swinburne in the Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack? I am currently reading the sequel, The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man, and it's just as good! A proper review will follow shortly. In the meantime, I highly recommend it -- if you've got some knowledge of British and European history, so much the better, as the connections and inside jokes (oh, what they've done to scarabs) only improve with familiarity. Also, the cover is gorgeous.

Helena Bonham Carter's look at the Oscars has been labeled steampunk! I would like to label it beautiful as well.

Dr. Fabre has further extended his empire to include the Steampunk Shipyard. Go and be enlightened!

The SyFy [sic] network proposes a series partnering Harry Houdini with Arthur Conan Doyle. Extremely cautious optimism is the pervading feeling at this time.

And finally, the Way Station in Brooklyn is now open! We may even have some spies who are willing to investigate and report back; keep watching this space. The timeliness of the review may depend on whether our spies get into the TARDIS in the corner (yes, look at the photos, it's there).

And speaking of this space, Sir Reginald has been agitating for more screen time. We may do some general "if you like steampunk, you may also like..." reviews in the future, if the audience is willing. (If you are, please say so -- or if you'd rather we stick to writing, say so as well!)

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