Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Thursday! But since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, it's like a Friday here at Folderol.

First off, however: a small gallery of literary tattoos. I am usually sort of "meh" on word tattoos, but I absolutely love the James Joyce one.

For Cassandra: Rural Britain, in their own words, now online. Oooo. It's an archivist's dream!

Being a law librarian, I end up reading all sorts of legalese as part of the job. Being an unrepentant geek, I am madly in love with Law and the Multiverse, in which the legalities of being a superhero are analyzed.

Disappointing News Article #1: John Cage will not have the #1 song in the UK this Christmas.

Disappointing News Article #2 (via Zazoo): The Brooklyn Tunnel tours are kaput. (There are photos of our tour on my Flickr account - it was great!)

Archaeology news from Julie: a new species of ancient humanoid is discovered in Siberia; Spanish archaeologists find a dozen cannibalized Neanderthals; and the Abbey Road crosswalk is now a historical landmark.

From Cassandra: Poetry!

From Josie: Steampunk cupcakes!

From Bunny: Ambient music for those holiday evenings!

Happy holidays, everyone! We'll be back on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link!!!!
I am chompin' at the bit to capture your creek-fallin' rural story. Prepare yourself.

Happy Whatever Your Having!