Thursday, December 02, 2010

Holiday break time! Beginning tomorrow, I will be out and about in New York City for a few days, visiting the Club Creatures. If you see us, say hi! I'll be back next week and Folderol will have an erratic schedule until we get back to our regularly scheduled standard of normal on the 13th. (Book contests and giveaways over at the Steampunk Librarian will still be going on, so check there too!)

Satori sent a link to one of the sights we'll be seeing this weekend. Can't wait.

From Bunny: twenty obsolete English words that should make a comeback.

Also from Bunny: "Otatamune from Japan...Further proving that Japan is WEIRD."

From Nicole: Have a wonderful sexist holiday!

Professor Scopps' Travelling Library seems like a wonderful idea.

Did you know that social media goes back to the 1700s? It's true!

And finally, totally unrelated to anything, here's a periodic table of the elements depicting Hall of Fame baseball players. (And here's the rationale for why the players are where they are in the table.)

Have a spiffy few days, everyone! Back soon!

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