Monday, December 13, 2010

I am back! I saw all sorts of wonderful things in New York, including the Japan Fashion Now exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Meanwhile, in Madison, an art exhibit has been installed in an elevator. How great is that?

How often does music give you chills? (Some people don't have this experience at all, which surprises me.)

Draw This Dress explains itself in its title, but each post also links to the original. There's some great stuff here.

A writer goes in search of the Beats' Tangier today, with mixed results.

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Anonymous said... thrills and chills me, but I've never played a musical instrument,sadly.

I know you have a long history with the Recorder. That probably explains your heightened sensitivity to music. ; )

(Sorry, I just think the picture of you playing the recorder in your laid back elementary school was very sweet, compelling me to comment)

On a serious note, music is one of the few things I live for. Thanks for posting, interesting read.