Monday, November 15, 2010

Hey, readers in the Cincinnati area: are you interested in this lovely feline? He is a young male tabby, extremely affectionate, gentle, and housebroken, and needs a home with either other animals or a bunch of people, because he hates to be left out of the pack and will complain if he is! (Names bounced off him so far have included Adric, a la old-school Doctor Who, and Whitman, for his yawp.) I think he would make an excellent shop cat, myself.

In other literary and entertainment news...I had no idea Dr. Samuel Johnson was alive and well and on Twitter.

Can John Cage's 4'33" become the number one Christmas song? Let's try!

The University of Texas is going to be the repository for Spalding Gray's works.

Writer Tom Lubbock has a terminal brain tumor which is robbing him of language, and he's writing about it as it's happening. It's horrible and fascinating.

And lastly, and more cheerfully, comic artist Ryan North has a great idea. "I have a digital picture frame in my living room, and any new photo you upload to Flickr and tag "chezryan" will show up there. The internet now controls the decoration of my living room. LET'S DO THIS."

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