Friday, November 12, 2010

Well, the week is almost over, thankfully! Links from others, and life should get back to normal (or what passes for normal around here) next week.

Listed alphabetically by contributor:

From Bunny: Dick Van Dyke was saved by porpoises! It's true! Cue the Mary Poppins music! (Our alternative theory: the dolphins were all "no, we don't want him, you can have him back.")

Also from Bunny: The potential chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee says that God won't let global warming happen. Well, okay then.

From Cassandra: Women in law firms are encountering new problems in advancing up the ladder as the economy falters.

From Jack Beltane: the odd story of a British man who was brought back from the dead thanks to...tobacco smoke?

From Josie: Behold, it's Edward Scissorhands Jr!

From Julie: The Large Hadron Collider created a miniature Big Bang! In unrelated news, scientists finally figured out how cats drink.

From various libraries: Tomorrow is National Gaming Day! Go celebrate in some fashion.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Have a spiffy weekend, and see you Monday.

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