Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Opt-Out Day. Is anyone participating?

We'll be taking Thursday and Friday off for the Thanksgiving holiday, so today is a bonus Links from Others Friday sort of day!

First off: Cookie Monster would like to host Saturday Night Live. I would like him to do so, too!

Are shy people mentally ill? Er, well, when you put it that way...

From both Julie and Zazoo: one of the first Apple computers sold at auction for an insane amount of money. (The article reports that the computer will be made functional, but I wonder what it would run. Pong?)

From both my mom and Kevin: a flash mob performance of the Hallelujah Chorus!

From Zazoo: Cyndi Lauper continues to prove how awesome she is by using lipstick to fund AIDS research.

And finally, if you're at work today and it's slow, might I suggest this game in which you have to figure out the location from the Google Street View?

Have a spiffy holiday and/or weekend, everyone! (And many thanks to those who have entered the contests over at the Steampunk Librarian. Two are up so far, and there will be more soon!) See you Monday.

1 comment:

Danny said...

Lol, I've always considered overly social people mentally disturbed, so I guess I had that dsm classification coming ;)

I think it is akin to the perennial early-bird/nightowl debate where each side secretly considers the other side seriously disturbed ;)