Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kosovo's declaration of independence makes an interesting read. The first section is almost lyrical.

Having recommended library-related weblogs, LISNews went ahead and surveyed its readers to find the top non-library weblogs you should be reading.

Also found on LISNews: a fun concept for organizing one's books. (The comments are almost all negative ones, which I find hilarious. I actually want to try this in our house.)

The American Historical Association has begun a wiki for archives and special collections. It's brand new and a little bare so far, but there's a nice list of archives to browse!

De Montfort University in the UK is offering an "Online MA in Creative Writing and New Media." We are intrigued. Also a little confused.

More UK news: the Domesday Book is available online for free now!

And finally, for the non-librarians and non-historians: test your reaction time by shooting tranquilizer darts at sheep. (You have to click the dart icon, not the sheep. It took me a few tries to realize this.) My reaction time is that of a "bobbing bobcat." They suggest I drink more coffee. Hm.

Tomorrow: links from others, weather permitting! (It's supposed to rain ice and sleet and other frozen objects all night and all day tomorrow.)

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