Thursday, February 07, 2008

The great Case of the Library Book Theft has been making the rounds among the law librarians this week. The whole opinion, although in PDF, is worth a read. Pink bedsheets! Bad disguises! A librarian named Mrs. Gooch! An discussion of a cheap stun gun that includes the opinion that the gun is "incapable of causing serious injury, unless it is, perhaps, poked directly into someone’s eye." Also, it happened at Transylvania University. I have been to TU and it is not nearly as cool (or gothy) as its name might imply.

Has anyone played Book Chase yet? What's it like? I am genuinely curious.

Also sweeping the biblioblogosphere this week: these very cool library-themed wedding invitations. The Spooky Librarians went for a sort of 1930s pulp book cover theme for their invitations, but then again, they're kind of weird. I'm not sure where this wedding is happening, but if it's near Pittsburgh, they could have the reception at the Library! (I especially like their names for the menu items.)

Books on cassette are going the way of VHS tapes. Start collecting them now!

Some places to check on an ongoing basis: the experiment labs at Google (you can join experiments and try out new ideas); the Mark Twain Project (with 2300 digitized letters alone!); and the Not in Worldcat weblog, which concentrates on rare and obscure items that you don't often see in catalogs.

Tomorrow: links from others!


Anonymous said...

RE: The book theft

Wow. Truth seems stranger than fiction. Wow.

Scott Douglas said...

I would have loved to have it inside a library, but there were none large enough :( so we had to settle for a big empty room that we will decorate like a library...

It's in SoCal...we actually had a card for that that matched the invite, but I thought it was best not to post such thing for the world to see...never no who will show up and be a wedding crasher!