Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday, hooray! Thanks to everyone who sent in links this week.

From Bunny: who is the mystery computer geek in EPCOT's revamped Spaceship Earth ride? (Apparently Judi Dench does the narration for the updated ride. Neat!)

From Holly: the son of the governor of Kansas is selling a game set in prison, titled "Don't Drop the Soap." Yes. Well. Er.

From Cassandra: Which existentialist production is most like your life? My results were all over the place. I think I may be in an absurdist production instead.

Also from Cassandra: ADHD drugs may not work in the long run; people are concerned about the allegedly Chinese bodies used in plastination exhibits; paintings of Abu Gharib situations turn out to cause more emotional reactions than actual photographs; and War in Context looks at the news from a post-9/11 viewpoint.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.

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Anonymous said...

For me it said:

You have wandered into a play by master absurdist Samuel Beckett. Although there's no way out (and probably nowhere to go), the good news is that you still have your sense of humor and a determination to survive. Relish the challenge of saying the exact same thing with a new inflection every time. Good luck!

Wandered into a play? I think I was thrown into it at birth, baby.

Seriously though, I do notice I say the same thing over and over but still, nobody gets it. It has to be me, right? Maybe I stutter?

Or maybe, just maybe, I'm retarded and don't know it? Maybe, I THINK I have to work in the courthouse, but really, I am working at a program for the mentally challenged. The social workers running the program think it is soooo incredibly sweet just how seriously I take my job. How cute it is that I am trying sooooo hard.

Would that be absurdist enough for Beckett? In any case, it would explain alot, oh, yes, it would.