Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nikolai Tesla would be 150 years old this year, if only he'd conquered that pesky lifespan limitation, and he's being honored for his work in surpassing many other limitations. (I still think we'd be much more advanced if he'd gotten more recognition while he was alive.)

From the "why didn't anyone ever tell me about this?" files: there are mysterious megaliths all over Massachusetts, and there's also a Catholic Academy of Sacramental Combat Arts. I don't think the two are connected, however.

The Ghosts of Ohio organization had a float in this year's Northside Parade, which automatically garners them a high level of coolness. Incidentally, those of you who liked our photos and recordings from our visit to the Ohio State Reformatory may be pleased to know we're going back this fall for another ghost hunt. More spooky pictures to come!

Uono, a German company, has a neat idea for modern coffins. Click on the "Cocoon" link.

Apparently there's an ancient library of metal books underground in Ecuador. Anyone want to go on an expedition? I will volunteer my library skills!

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