Thursday, July 27, 2006

ALA's slogan for next year's National Library Week is... "Come Together @ Your Library." Yes. Really. You can imagine the mock posters that have been made so far. (Here's one, although it's not terribly work-safe. Jessamyn has more, too!) What were they thinking?

It must be the week for holdouts to give in to the allure of Library Thing. We broke down and made an account the other day (there's not much there yet; we haven't tackled the home bookshelves), and we're not the only ones.

Moments before a researcher was to give his talk on how to find background information on someone, he got arrested for using illegal methods to find background information on someone. Whoops.

Wikipedia is all over the news these days. Here's a lengthy, scholarly approach, and here's the New Yorker's take.

A grassroots organization from people who are sick of telemarketers and other "number not available" weirdos, Who Called Us helps people track down just who it is on the other end of the line.

Every Stock Photo has oodles for the using. Neat stuff.

And finally, the moment of library zen comes to you from Hungary's Metropolitan Ervin Szabo Library in Budapest. (Psst, Holly -- if we go to Budapest, we have to stop by here.)

Tomorrow: links from others!


Tim said...

Oh yeah, I got me one of them Library Thing accounts. Though, like you guys, I've not yet had the chance to get much on it.

bjkeefe said...

The New Yorker article on Wikipedia is really, really good.