Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Aw, man, Syd Barrett is dead. That's a shame.

Ken Lay, on the other hand, is secretly alive and hey, his so-called body's going to be cremated to eliminate any evidence...er, in accordance with someone or other's wishes. Yep.

The Earth Science Picture of the Day is almost always amazing; today's is no exception.

Swiped from Brendan: Band together and help save the internet from idiots who think the whole thing is a series of tubes.

Throwplace is a neat little concept; you can find a home for something you'd like to donate, or take something off someone else's hands. Perhaps we could donate some politicians.


bjkeefe said...

Wait -- Throwplace initally sounds like a good idea for Congressional disposal, but who's gonna take them?

Sometimes, landfills are the best solution. Especially if they're built tight enough not to contaminate the groundwater.

bjkeefe said...

There's a nice piece on Syd at Slate today.

Jinnet said...

Ooo, thanks!
A great quote from the Slate article: "But it would be nice if Barrett was recalled not just as an acid casualty or as a legendary "rock madman" but as an English eccentric in the surreal-comic tradition that extends from Lewis Carroll to Monty Python and, via Barrett, onto the weirdo-pop specialist Robyn Hitchcock."